Jody LaMacchia for Michigan State Representative

Jody LaMacchia is a candidate for House Representative in Michigan's 46th district: Addison Twp, Brandon Twp, Orion Twp, Oxford Twp, and a portion of Oakland Charter Twp.


Happy holidays, friends! I hope you all are enjoying this holiday season with your friends, family and neighbors. The festivities are sure underway. Team Jody participated in every parade in District 46 on Saturday, December 7th and we had so much fun! Below is a video my son so kindly put together for me, sharing some of the highlights of the day. (I think he’s so good at this!) With the end of 2019 upon us, I thought it would be nice to take a look back on one full year of team meetings, campaigning and community engagement. Let’s put some numbers to our accomplishments! 

So far we have accomplished:

• 41 meetings with community and political leaders as well as constituents

• 71 events (parades, festivals, community cleanups, & volunteer opportunities)

• 14 fundraisers and house parties

• 13 team meetings 

• 8 trainings

• 1300+ doors knocked 

• 1000+ postcards mailed

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in these efforts! I believe it is so important for representatives to be active in their communities and out practicing what they preach. To me, in our small towns, showing up for our neighbors and for the events that unite us is a great way to bring our community together and make us even stronger. 

I have heard you and I know that we have a shared vision of common sense government that works for people and protects our state, not the extremist party ideology that benefits no one. Let’s focus on people and families and what matters most to all of us. I am focused on you, on our district and on our state. I will always want to hear from you. The best moments of this campaign have been getting to know you and your families. Regardless of political persuasion, we have so much more in common than we have differences. Thank you for letting me get to know you and for taking the time to get to know me. 

NOW...on to year TWO! We already have many things on our docket for 2020. Stay tuned! We need all hands on deck! Have a wonderful holiday season. Eat too many cookies and relax with your friends and families. See you in 2020!

Please consider making a donation to our campaign to help us flip this seat! 

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The Day of Three Parades: December 7, 2019


Team Jody had a full dance card for the months of October and November! Below are some photos from the different events we were fortunate to attend and the adventures we had along the way. As always, the best part of our time is spent growing our community of friends and neighbors, meeting new folks in District 46 and being engaged in events that matter to our community. We were happy to serve flapjacks to veterans at Immanuel Congregational Church. We had a delicious chili cook off with special guests State Representative Matt Kolesczar, State Senator Rosemary Bayer and Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner. We knocked on doors and made friends in Keatington Sub. We passed out candy to adorable princesses and super heroes and dinosaurs and Pokémons at the Lake Orion Halloween Parade. We participated in the Knights of Columbus Trunk or Treat. We passed out hotdogs and donuts and delicious treats at OATS’s Stall or Treat and had the honor of judging the best decorated stall. I was interviewed by the amazing Dragon Broadcasting team. We had the honor of sitting down with some local veterans for their luncheon at the American Legion for Veteran’s Day. 

Over 60 people attended our an amazing Italian Feast, including our special guests Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin and her husband Dave Moore. My wonderful mother-in-law prepared over 150 meatballs and 17 pounds of rigatoni! A very special thank you goes out to Sam's mom for the delicious food and to Congresswoman Slotkin for her wonderful speech and introduction.

Additionally, my candidacy was endorsed by Attorney General Dana Nessel, State Senator Rosemary Bayer and the powerhouse group Fems for Dems.  

I look forward to seeing you on the trail at upcoming events! Please consider making a donation to our campaign to help us flip this seat! If you’d like to join the team and get involved, CLICK HERE!