Jody LaMacchia for Michigan State Representative

Jody LaMacchia is a candidate for House Representative in Michigan's 46th district: Addison Twp, Brandon Twp, Orion Twp, Oxford Twp, and a portion of Oakland Charter Twp.

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It’s been over a month since my last update. Our team has been continuing to broaden and strengthen our coalitions and to grow our community. We have such a great team!  Don’t sit on the sidelines. Join us! 

Here are some things we’ve been up to~we participated in the Oxford Cleanup effort in Centennial Park and we were rewarded with tacos from the 5-1 Diner after and good conversations and a feeling of community. We had a fun Cinco de Mayo fundraiser with~you guessed it~more tacos and friends!  We were thrilled to participate in the DIA Inside/Out Ribbon Cutting Cermony and walking art tour in downtown  Lake Orion. We had a well-attended fundraiser in our hometown of Lansing where our Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel, provided a lovely introduction that I was so honored by. Sam and I were happy to join State Senator Jeremy Moss at the MDP Legacy Dinner honoring the late, great Congressman John Dingell. We walked in the Oxford Memorial Day parade with Congresswoman Slotkin and attended the Memorial Day ceremony in Lake Orion honoring our fallen heroes. We had an amazing time at our first Postcard Party where volunteers churned out 500 postcards!  Go, team!!  We knocked on doors and talked to neighbors about what matters most to them in Addison and Oakland Township. And, of course, we got to pet and talk to a lot of happy dogs!

We have a full line up of fun events this summer. Get involved and join our team!  No matter what your political persuasion, we can all work together to strengthen our community and our state. There are so many challenges facing Michigan right now, whether it is our kids falling behind in school, workers struggling with stagnant wages and the exhorbitant cost of prescription drugs, and still searching for a solution to fix our crumbling infrastructure. We need leaders who will face the challenges head on and work across the aisle to find solutions to these ever-growing problems. We need leaders that recognize that half measures and doing nothing have gotten us to this place we are right now. I will fight for you in Lansing. I will fight for our district and our state. I will be relentless in pursuit of common sense, common ground and ACTION. Let’s do this together! 

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