Our Priorities for District 46

Education, Infrastructure, Environment, Opportunity and Freedom


As I travel our district, knocking on doors and attending events in our community, I have heard over and over that education is an issue of great concern – and I agree. We have a crisis in our state, and no school district is immune from decades of failed policy. It’s time to start showing up for our students, and for our educators. Our kids’ future, and the future of Michigan’s economy, depends on it.

What We Can Do:

Create Legislation with Input from Teachers, Students, and Administrators.

Before any legislation is introduced affecting education, we need input from teachers and administrators. These educators are the experts in their field; when legislators listen to and trust the experts, policies in Lansing will reflect the needs to those in our classrooms.

Pay our Teachers Not Just a Living Wage, but a Competitive Salary.

With teachers leaving the profession in record numbers and many teachers retiring in the coming years, school districts are faced with a teacher shortage that impacts students’ success and puts further stress on teachers. If we pay our teachers a good salary and give them the resources they need, our educators won’t be faced with self-funding their classrooms, or even taking on a second job.

Contain Class Sizes.

Large class sizes is an issue affecting our teachers and students every day. Studies show that smaller class sizes lead to greater student success and higher retention of teachers in the profession.

Strengthen Services Outside the Classroom.

As a family counselor and conciliator, I see firsthand how crucial the social services offered in schools can be to student success. Using best practices to provide the most efficient and effective way to deliver these services to the students in our district will ensure that both students and educators have the tools they need to be successful, both in and out of the classroom.

Enact Universal Pre-K.

Early Pre-K is one of the greatest investments Michigan can make in its future. Studies have proven that early access to education sets students up for a greater level of success in their school careers and beyond.


It’s not a secret to Michiganders that we have an infrastructure problem here in Michigan. In Oakland county, 62% of roads are rated in ‘poor’ condition with only 15% rated in ‘good’ condition. For more than 50 years, our state neglected to properly maintain our roads and bridges and we are now paying for it in large repair costs to our vehicles, lost economic revenue, and higher costs to fix the roads that have fallen into ‘poor’ condition. We’ve made some progress, but I believe that we can address our infrastructure issues in a pragmatic way so that what we invest into maintaining our roads and bridges pays us back in less vehicle repairs, in enhancing Michigan’s economy, and ensuring we have a sustainable plan for the future of our infrastructure on which we all depend. 

Challenges We Face Now:

  • Michigan’s current budget for repairing and maintaining our roads and bridges is underfunded, which is causing our roads to become more costly to repair
  • The state of Michigan’s roads is costing us; Michiganders spend an average of $800/year on road related repairs
  • The number of ‘poor’ roads will double in five years if we stay with the status quo funding for infrastructure

What We Can Do:

  • Work to find sustainable avenues for funding Michigan’s roads and infrastructure that will prevent more roads from falling into poor condition and improve the bad roads we now have.
  • Create a budget that properly funds repair and maintenance.


Having lived in Michigan for most of my life, I have enjoyed the great outdoors in our unique state including our beautiful Great Lakes. I believe that protecting our outdoors shouldn’t be political. We all benefit when we ensure that we keep our waters and green spaces clean and thriving for generations of Michiganders to come. 

What We Can Do:

Protect Our Water.

  • We need to commit to ensuring that chemicals such as PFAS are completely mitigated to ensure that there is no exposure to our water. 
  • We must invest in our Great Lakes and waterways and protect them against pollution, runoff, and invasive species.
  • Hold Polluters Accountable by ensuring that those who pollute our precious resources are the ones footing the bill for the cleanup, not Michigan taxpayers. If a corporation makes a mess, they have to clean it up. I support passing the Polluter-Pay bill that has been introduced in the Michigan House. 


When I talk to voters in District 46, one theme is always present: opportunity. Opportunities for ourselves and for our families to make a good wage and save for our futures. People of North Oakland County want to know that healthcare and prescription drug costs aren’t going to wipe out everything we’ve worked hard for. We want the opportunity to provide for our families and know that our kids have opportunities here in Michigan. I believe we can do that by restoring the middle class, and bringing back prevailing wages, fighting against payroll fraud, and ending ‘right to work’. 

What We Can Do:

Provide Opportunity and Resources for High School Students.

Whether they want to go to college or pursue a career in the skilled trades, we need to equip our kids with resources to be able to pursue a future without taking on thousands of dollars in debt. 

Enact Equal Pay for Equal Work.

Repeal ‘Right to Work’ and Restore Collective Bargaining Rights.

Combat payroll Fraud.

Everyone in Michigan should take home the pay, benefits, and overtime they rightfully earn.


As Americans, we are proud of the freedoms we enjoy. I believe it is vital that we protect our personal freedoms and fight to ensure that every Michigander is equally free from discrimination. 

What We Can Do:

Have the Freedom to Love Whomever We Choose.

I will use my voice to fight for the protection of all LGBTQ Michiganders through the expansion of the Elliot Larson law. 

Protect a Woman’s Right to Choose.

It is a fundamental right to have agency over our own bodies, and as your State Rep I will fight to keep the government out of our healthcare. Politicians are NOT doctors.