The purpose of this segment, Representation Matters, is to point out the stark differences between my opponent and myself. I feel that it is of utmost importance that people know the positions of the folks in Lansing who are sent there to represent them and fight for the things that matter most to them.

April 10, 2020

Hello, friends and neighbors,

My opponent, Mr. Reilly, continues to be on the fringe of issues that affect Michiganders. And this time, the matter is life and death. Representation matters. Here is my response to my opponent’s comments regarding Governor Whitmer’s extension of her Stay Home, Stay Safe executive order. 

Reilly said, “…I would have voted no on extending Governor Whitmer’s orders by 23 days… the emergency powers go way too far and severely infringe on people’s constitutional rights…notably of freedom of assembly and the right to worship.”

The only thing protecting us right now is staying at home and physically distancing ourselves from others. Fortunately, many of us have figured out HOW to assemble and worship AND stay safe AND keep others safe. Many have been able to do their jobs remotely (including Mr. Reilly), visit with friends, have meetings, church services, and support group meetings. Fortunately, we are scrappy and creative. Our love for each other allows us to still congregate virtually and protect the ones we love, all to flatten the curve to relieve the burden on healthcare workers and save lives.

Reilly further stated, “The American people have taken tremendous steps to mitigate the spread of the illness, voluntarily self-quarantining, improving personal habits, wearing masks, and much more. The illness's casualty projections are dramatically reduced and still dropping. At the same time, we're finding very encouraging results with new treatments.”

We are seeing reduced projections because Michiganders are taking the Stay Home, Stay Safe orders seriously. That is critical because the more we comply with these orders, the faster we will get through this and get our country back on track. 

Reilly said, “We need to weight the effects of this policy on society as a whole, not just looking at a single variable.”

Well, the single variable is the spread of this disease, resulting in deaths. It’s very difficult for businesses to stay successful and open if many people are sick or dying. Our Governor has taken quick, decisive action. She acted swiftly to assist our small businesses, and, as a result, Michigan was the second state to receive small business assistance. 

I, along with my team, have been reaching out to folks in our district and listening to them. Folks are holding up. Staying home. Staying safe. Being strong and hoping for better days. We will get through this. Please reach out to me if you want to share your thoughts or just need a listening ear during this time. Stay safe!

Jody LaMacchia,

Notes from March 2020

The following are Rep. John Reilly’s responses during this time of the coronavirus:

  • On March 12th, Mr. Reilly voted no on a funding bill which included $25 million to fight the coronavirus.
  • On March 13th, he referred to school closures as “the panic” on his State Representative Facebook page.
  • On March 19th, he argued FOR price gouging and opined against the Governor’s “very dangerous policy” of prohibiting predatory, egregious price gouging in these times of the coronavirus.
  • On March 24th, he issued a statement claiming that the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Safe Order goes too far, referring to it as a “dangerous overreaction”.
  • Peppered throughout his Facebook postings are numerous articles about the coronavirus from decidedly partisan, unreliable or downright conspiratorial websites such as Breitbart, Daily Wire, Epoch Times. THIS IS DANGEROUS.

Certainly this is NOT THE TIME for conspiracy theories and partisanship. If we are to prevail against this virus, and I believe we will, we need to have accurate information. We need to be diligent to protect ourselves, our loved ones and everyone else. We need to support one another. 

Fortunately, that is just what our community has been doing in true District 46 style: being there for our neighbors, donating, giving blood, checking in. Team Jody has been actively reaching out to our senior community, telephoning to see if they have the resources and information they need and sometimes just a listening ear. I know we are going to come out of this even stronger, and more committed to one another and our community. Stay strong! Stay safe! And please reach out if you need anything.

Jody LaMacchia,